A growing community of advanced imaging centers throughout Texas, dedicated to giving you a great MRI experience.

But the experience is only part of what makes us special- the other parts are our dedicated staff, state of the art equipment, and experience providing accurate imaging and support.


Texas MRI has been in business for 20 years. As we grew, we wanted to spread our effective and efficient means of providing affordable imaging services to the cities we felt needed it most.


Texas MRI provides a full range of imaging services for patients all over Texas. We have one goal- to provide affordable, efficient, and quality imaging for the best patient outcomes.

Each patient matters to us, and we are equipped to assist young patients, older patience, and everyone in between.

Texas MRI is an IDTF (Independent Diagnostic and Testing Facility), predominantly an MRI center but with CT capabilities in College Station. Our reimbursement rates are much less than a hospital, allowing us to be much more cost-effective.


All of our MRIs are performed by expert technicians. Each one is has been trained for efficiency, empathy and positive care.


Texas MRI is partnered with Blue Star Radiology, the official radiologist of the Dallas Cowboys.  Based at the Star in Dallas, Blue Star has become one of the premier radiology groups in the county.